KIND was founded by the Microsoft Corporation and actress and humanitarian Angelina Jolie to create a pro bono movement of law firms, corporate law departments, NGOs and volunteers committed to providing fair, competent and compassionate legal counsel to unaccompanied immigrant children in the U.S. We're calling this new coalition KIND -- but it's about more than compassion, it's about protecting the rights of children.
Soundcloud website link which has several recordings from a band I played in between 1986-1991

Founded in 1990, Earwax Records is an independent record store specializing in vinyl. We moved to our new space on North 9th street in July, 2013. We sell high quality new & used lps and 7", plus a selection of CDs. Our collection of vinyl is very selective and curated by a staff of very knowledgeable music obsessives whose goal is to find and share the best music in the world. Additionally, we carry a selection of affordable, high quality hi-fi gear (turntables, receivers, integrated amps & speakers) for discerning music lovers.